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    Affiliate Program Removal
    This message is to inform you that you have been removed from the affiliate program of the merchant: XXXXXXXXXXXXX

    The reason given was: coupon affiliate / no referral link
    That was the entire message.

    My Response:
    As hard as I have tried for XXXXXXXXXXX and this is all you can do. I have your entire feed up on one site plus my coupon site. I will give you a chance to rethink this before I go public with this stupidity. You give no notice and now all my links to your product pages are dead.

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    Got one too

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    At least you got an email ...

    I've had programs inform me months later that they have died and I had no commission coming -

    That is one of the problems I face with promotion....

    When I ramble through 2200 pages and add links manually, if one of these non-committed affliate programs goes south, I have to go back and change ( tracking them down is a Bear ) or eliminate the links AGAIN manuall

    Sorry to hear that you got DISSED!

    So we move on .........

    Jimmy McDonald - Your Local Hard Working RemodelingGuy ( & SprinklerGuy - & GarageGuy ) .... .... ....
    We're Bettering YOUR Life by Improving Where YOU Live It ...
    Do What You LOVE & LOVE What You Do! ....

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    I didn't bother contacting them, they pulled the stupid, I yanked them. I have no time for stupid little companies that pull that junk, but I am happy to send the traffic to their competitors.

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