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    Twitter monetiziation model
    Many companies are already on Twitter, monitoring what customers say about them and offering discounts and promotions to their followers. And many people use Twitter to ask for recommendations, like which type of gadget to buy or which movie to see. Since Twitter is already becoming one of the best shopping resources, Mr. Chaffee said, why not enable people to make purchases from the site as well? “Commerce-based search businesses monetize extremely well, and if someone says, ‘What treadmill should I buy?’ you as the treadmill company want to be there,” Mr. Chaffee said. “As people use Twitter to get trusted recommendations from friends and followers on what to buy, e-commerce navigation and payments will certainly play a role in Twitter monetization.”

    Twitter would couple e-commerce with advice from other shoppers, an element that most search engines do not offer. Shopping on Twitter could also potentially be useful on mobile phones, on which it is more difficult to surf the Web. People might find it simpler to ask for advice on a product, pick it out and pay for it on the same site.
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    Twitter needs to do something .. they are losing $$$$$$ like crazyyyyyyyy

    but .... my view & opinion

    Twitter is scary .. from the BOT attacks .. to the Cloak SHort URLs

    its a disaster waiting to be unleashed .. a tool for super bad people ...

    U can bring down a site very easy by spamming inside twitter...

    u can also launch virus / toolbar installs from the cloaked short URLS
    i dont believe there is any screening at all for the short urls ...they dont even have a warning message yet ... I bet they will add this in one day soon ?

    Just imagine .. one of these Celeb get their Twitter account hacked by some hacker .. and they posts a SHORT / CLOAKED URL to some virus / worm ..

    OMG x10000
    OpA! Giasou Ti kanies!

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