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    Has anyone tried DrNatura's >
    Has anyone tried DrNatura's Colon Cleanse? I heard about it from a friend

    So you know how the story goes.. I heard about this stuff from one of the women on my sons soccer team and since I don't know her that well I figured I'd ask for some reviews. The pictures of what comes out of your colon are almost too wild to be true. drnatura picture_gallery.. Hopefully I don't have strings of miniature hot dogs coming out of my colon.. I don't feel that clogged... Anyone personally try this product?

    I'm kind of skeptical about new products because I've tried stuff that doesn't work soo many times. In the last few months I've lost a ton of weight and I'm feeling really energetic lately. While I was losing the weight I was using power cleanse along with acai nutriburst and had amazing results. I'm just thinking that DrNatura might help me flush out anything that power cleanse left behind.. (If there is anything..) You can read my blog post on when I was on the acai berry and power cleanse diet - helensdiary dot com.

    Also another thing to consider is I'm a lot more active than I was before I lost the weight.. I don't want to have any problems with diarrhea or farting in public.

    Thanks in Advance! ;-)

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    One of the most basic requirements for proper [Link REMOVED] is a planned diet. Unless you have a regulated diet plan, any medication, or supplements to remove toxins may not be effective since foods are the most important resources of building toxins in your body. Have natural fruits and herbal products to enjoy the true benefits of colon cleansing.

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    I've tried it and it is effective. I wasn't on it for very long as I had some other issues I was also addressing and my dr switched brands to one that was more tailored to my needs.

    The need for the cleanse is real. And with my experience in the natural/holistic medicine arenas, I think the testimonies of the people on his site are very real and very applicable. We really do not treat our bodies well.

    It's also very "easy" on the body. I know many people have fears when they do one that they have to be within feet of a bathroom for the first several days. Dr. Natura's claims that you don't have to be were just as he said they would be (for me anyway! )

    Hope that helps! Best of luck!

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    Dr. Natura
    I did the whole 90 day program a number of years ago. I thought it was fantastic. It really cleaned me out, but gentle. You have to relieve yourself in the morning, and then you are fine. No gas or liquid

    I highly recommend it.

    I don't think they have an affiliate program, do they? I would be interested.

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