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    How quickly can I replace a full time job?
    I was recently given the pink slip by my company. I really do not know how to pay my bills next month. Can I get into some business of some kind?

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    [Moderator Note: I've moved your thread to a more appropriate forum and retitled it.]

    Even if you got off to a quick success with affiliate marketing, it wouldn't help you pay your bills next month. About the quickest you can get paid is about the 20th of the following month. Since this month is just about over, your first good check would come about 2 months from now, and that's assuming you got off to a really quick start.

    Almost nobody succeeds that quickly at affiliate marketing, though, and few people ever earn enough to do this full time. It's a great business, but one that takes a good combination of skill, patience, and luck to succeed in.

    My advise: First, find a job. You gotta pay the bills. Second, read, read, read here on ABW. It's tough to succeed without knowing the ropes. Third, build affiliate sites in your spare time. Fourth, only consider going full time after you've seen consistent results and have diversived.

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    Better yet, find a job that allows you to work from home.

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    Sign on for benefits, or get a different job. Affiliate marketing isn't going to replace your income any time soon.

    This is a long term business that can take years to get good results.

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    I smell SPAM.
    Especially because the new post above it asks the same question.
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    It is spam, Closed.
    Continued Success,

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