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    Magellans Terms of Service
    So I can't use the name Magellans on my page that promotes Magellans. Kind of like someone asking you to drive them to the store and telling you not to use a motor vehicle.

    Affiliates may not use Magellan's name, or any variation thereof,
    directly or indirectly in (a) metatags, (b) hidden text, page
    titles or source code, and/or (c) Affiliate's domain or sub-domain.

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    I read that, too. Pretty stupid. What are they thinking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeymourButts
    ......Kind of like someone asking you to drive them to the store and telling you not to use a motor vehicle.
    ...or which store to go to.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zeus
    What are they thinking?
    Evidently they weren't. Thinking, that is.
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    The only change to these terms and conditions was the addition of a coupon code section. There were no updates to their prohibited keywords.



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