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    Is this a scam?
    We received a formal application from Netlon Company are applying to register " xxxxxxxxxxxxxx " as their website and internet brand name in European, American and Asian area on Jun 22th 2009. During our auditing procedure we find out that the alleged Netlon Company has no trade mark nor patent even similar to that word. Hence we need you confirmation for two things,
    First of all, whether this alleged Netlon Company is your business partner or distributor in business world.
    Secondly, whether you are interested in registering these domains and internet keyword.
    (.eu/.asia/.cn/ etc)
    This is a letter for confirmation. If we haven't receive your reply. We will automatically confirm application from Netlon Company after this audit procedure.

    It comes from:
    "Registration Commissioner
    China Anti-Cybersquatting Organization"

    It sounds like a scam, but I seem to remember something about companies "acquiring" domains by some dodgy means a couple of years ago. Do I need to do anything about it, or mark the email as spam.

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    99% sure this is part of a scam that ultimately tries to get your FTP login and pass so that malware can be put on your sites without your knowledge.
    There is an ActiveX trick they will eventually use if you use IE and there is a PDF security bug that is used if you use Firefox. The payload looks for popular FTP and web design software on your PC and extracts your FTP credentials. The end result is the same. Someone (Chinese soldiers?) will put malware on your site to spread their tools.

    DO NOT GO TO ANY SITES THEY ASK YOU TO GO TO check them at Google malware diagnosis service;
    just append any domain – your domain or another site you want to check on – to the end of the URL “", or paste a domain in the box below, and you will find an overview page listing potential problems like trojans or exploits

    I might be wrong

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    SCAM - run away, quickly.

    They just want you to buy any or all of those "other" extensions through them. I get that email, or a similar one a couple times a month - each time centered around a domain that I do own.
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    Thanks for the replies guys, it's added to my spam list and deleted.

    I haven't had a "buy all the other domains" email for ages, this one probably snuck under the spam filters and the format has changed since I last got one.

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    Very sensible.

    For the less sensible among you, remember that registrars are NOT responsible for enforcing trademark issues.


    Surely you already own the TLDs you care about, anyway.. surely?
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    We get this once a month from people from Asia.
    Just ignore it

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    Yup, got it too. Spam on toast = garbage

    They try to make it sound scary to get you to respond.

    Like the one the neighbor got saying something got charged to his charge card, for a bank he doesn't have a cc with, and he still worried someone had gotten one in his name and used it. When he went to the site his computer pretty much choked and shut down from all the spyware it tried to load.
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