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Thread: Webgains reporting upgrade: Currency choice for affiliates

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    Webgains reporting upgrade: Currency choice for affiliates
    You ask, you get!

    Many of our US affiliates want to use Webgains to expand their promotional activity overseas. They have told us that want to optimize their weekly or monthly campaign spend because they want to see how much they have earned across all Webgains countries in one report. Previously, we only reported the local currency and it proved inconvenient for you to convert commissions from Danish Kronors or German Euros into US dollars so you could work out how much money you have actually earned before you get paid. This allows you to invest in each of our clients affiliate programs faster making more money for all parties.

    Webgains now gives YOU, the affiliate, the choice of what currency your admin area reports in. When you login to your Webgains admin area, you can now select the currency of each report (see above example) that our system generates giving you significant control over your reporting suite. That’s the way it should be!

    Keep the feedback coming, we always aim to improve!
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    Nice job on this, your technological advancements lend great assistance to the affiliates in your network!!

    You were the first include a shorten URL function so that affiliates can promote their links safely, on social networks such as twitter..

    Congrats and thanks for the post!!

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