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    Help! W-9 form for Non US person when using a US bank account
    Help! Help!

    I am from China, ready to get my first payment from CJ.
    However, it was hold by the Tax issue.

    Here is the story :

    1 I am living in Shanghai . I found my existing address could not receive the check from Google affiliate network so that I bought a US address in
    My plan work, and google affiliate network did not require me to do any tax info submission. ( I have used my China Beijing address to get my first payment, it may be why they did not verified me again)

    2 For the bank settlement will take 45 days ( it is a financial regulation in China) to release the money listed in the Check, I open an US bank account via an agent of Preferred Bank.

    Though I did not believe in the begin for I knew that it requried some SSN or TIN, but I still can not help to pay 6000 RMB ( approx 950 USD ) to open the account in order to shorten the settlement cycle.

    Now, I use the same account in Google Affiliate Network, but it do not requrie me to submit the tax info.

    3 Even I use my friends account to receive the money in GAN, it did not need to me or my friend to provide such kind of info.

    I do respect CJ`s standard and process. But I still want to know is there any one have the similar experience for this ?

    PS: I just feel the CJ agent do not understand my situtaiton, I told him / her to swift the account address to the previous one if she/he did not understand my situation.

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    I just call the IRS international hot line in 215 516 2000

    and told my story to an agent, he told me "

    u need to told the company that is wrong, you need to submit a W-8"

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    Just having a US address and a US bank account do not make you a US person for tax purposes. US persons for tax purposes are defined as (1) all people working in the US or having business operations in the US (i.e. performing actual work here) OR (2) US citizens/permanent residents (who are taxed worldwide irrespective of their location - the USA is a uniquely draconian country in taxing its citizens/perm residents even if they live in Timbuktoo). If you don't fall into either of these 2 classes, you're not a US person for tax purposes.

    If you have a US address, and a US bank account, most US companies like CJ, GAN, etc. will however automatically assume that you are a US person and should therefore submit a W9.

    If you're not a US person, you should however submit a W8 like the IRS agent told you, not a W9. You might want to get on the phone to CJ, GAN, etc. to clarify this to them.

    Disclaimer: I am not a tax professional, and this is not professional tax advice.
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    Thanks, La_Valette!
    I am really appreciated your detail and professional reply.
    I will make further research according to your reply.

    In fact the IRS getalmen told me the same thing: "people working in the US or having business operations in the US", I remember for I try to explain the long story for him, but he just stop me and told me that.

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