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    Newbie Question for PopShops
    Hi folks. Sorry for the newbie question

    I have not used POPSHOPS before but was told that it works hand in hand with cj, linkshare, shareasale and GAN to create for you a large site i guess using a datafeed from merchants that you have signed up with over at any of the networks, is this correct?

    1. Does popshops have any demo sites that I can see to get an idea of the sites it creates?

    2. Does it cost anything?

    3. How do they get around issues like everyone having the same site online i.e same description, texts etc..

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    Yes - you have to pay to use it every month.

    More information here.

    They are basically the same thing as GoldenCan and it's free to use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BurgerBoy
    They are basically the same thing as GoldenCan and it's free to use.
    I find them very similar to GoldenCan, but with PopShops I find it easier to figure out ways to modify/customize the results. Personally, I've never had a single sale with GoldenCan.

    But, yes, you can do some things very similar with GoldenCan and most merchants ARE free on GC. If you aren't sure about investing in PopShops, or can't afford it, GC is well worth starting with.
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    There are quite a few differences, so my suggestion is playing around with both GC and PS.

    PopShops does not use a 4th-click on any merchants (flat fee instead or a free limited version) and has approximately 2000 feeds. Many people use both services together.
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    I really like PS and it is very easy to use. I am seeing sales through my PopShops pages too. The fee for using them is well worth it.

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    So just to clarify 2 things

    1. Can it build an entire site or just portions which you add into your individual pages of your site?

    2. Does it mask the urls to make it look like its your site url ( for seo ) purposes?

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    1 - it builds storefront sections that you can embed in your existing site or blog.

    2 - the URL of the pages is up to you - the URLs of the product links that pass through to merchant sites reference your account setup at PopShops where you add your affiliate IDs from the various networks.

    To see how PopShops presents the product URLs, set up a free basic PopShops account, build a shop, and add it to a site. Then set up an account on Statcounter (also free), do some clicking on products, then look at Visitor Paths and Exit Link Activity on your Statcounter project. It'll show you the URLs themselves.
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