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    Correct me if im wrong
    I just watched this video for intergrating into typepad, i dont use typepad, mainly wordpress and joomla but.. seems to me as though i could do the same thing by grabbing links from cj and pasting them into my blog,

    what makes popshops easier? Is it because you have all the products in one place instead of having to loginto shareasale, cj and linkshare individually?

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    A small part of it is having all the products in one place.

    I haven't watched that video all the way through, so I'm not sure what features it shows.

    But you can grab a product in PopShops, put it into a shop display -- then edit the descriptive content to make it unique. You can "auto create" pages of similar products to scroll through if you don't want to bother modifying the merchant's description.

    You can then quickly insert that shop -- with one or a thousand products or whatever -- quickly into a page (typepad, wordpress, joomla, custom created HTML or PHP, whatever). You can then quickly add your content above, below, beside, etc., whatever shop you've created.

    I'm sure others will explain more fully some of the things you can do, but it goes far beyond just having all the merchant info in one location at PopShops.
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