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    URGENT Action Required - California Affiliates
    The legislative fight to block the anti-affiliate tax has changed quickly this week. Last weekend we asked you to email some legislators, and you did such a great job that they had our emails blocked. We need to keep up the pressure, so we’re asking for your participation one more time. We want you to create a brief description of your business, including screen shots and links to your sites. Tomorrow, Friday the 26th, we will print out and hand deliver these pages to key leaders and the governor. Consistently, the primary message that resonates with lawmakers is the devastating impact on California businesses.

    By 10am tomorrow:

    · Create a one-pager about your business. It should be brief, describe your business and how you earn money from affiliate marketing, earnings and state sales taxes you paid, if you are willing to share, # of employees, and screen shots/links on your pages. Please be polite; our politicians are under a tremendous amount of pressure. A template is below and attached.
    · email them to:


    The Honorable Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Governor, State of California
    State Capitol Building
    Sacramento, CA 95814

    The Honorable Darrell Steinberg
    California State Senate
    State Capitol Building
    Sacramento, CA 95814

    The Honorable Dennis Hollingsworth
    California State Senate
    State Capitol Building
    Sacramento, CA 95814

    The Honorable Karen Bass
    California State Assembly
    State Capitol Building
    Sacramento, CA 95814

    The Honorable Sam Blakeslee
    California State Assembly
    State Capitol Building
    Sacramento, CA 95814

    Subject: I Oppose the Sales/Use Tax Nexus bill (AB 178/Skinner)

    Dear Governor Schwarzenegger, Senate President pro Tempore Steinberg, Speaker Bass, Minority Leader Hollingsworth, and Minority Leader Blakeslee:

    My business will be devastated by the sales/use tax nexus bill. I am being discriminated against because I make my living by selling advertising on my website.

    [Insert description of your business and how you earn a living from affiliate marketing. Include earnings state income taxes you paid last year, if you so choose, number of employees if applicable. And include links and screen shots. Keep it short!!! ]

    This law would be futile: my partners will sever their advertising relationships with me; my income will be devastated and California will not collect sales tax anyway. I respectfully ask you to remove the sales/use tax nexus clause from the budget bill.

    [Include name, business name and address]

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    The buzz has been that most of the state legislators have no idea that AB 178 has been wrapped into the budget bill. Shouldn't our contact efforts inform them of this? It seems to me that some would be allies are in the dark, and that they may vote the laws in without even knowing it.

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    I've sent mine, hope it helps!
    Your Ad Here.

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