Treasurer to speak on the topic of and their decision to cut business ties with Rhode Island

PROVIDENCE 6/30/2009 - General Treasurer Frank T. Caprio is going to be live on Fox News Channel (National) today beginning at 4:40 P.M.

The treasurer will be doing a live phone interview on Fox News Network's Bulls & Bears business program.

The topic will be Internet giant's decision to cut formal ties with all Rhode Island businesses due to the State's decision to apply a 7% tax on some online sales from internet companies.

The tax could kick-in as early as tomorrow.

"The government in Rhode Island is attempting to go about tax collection in what we feel is an unconstitutional manner," said spokeswoman, Patty Smith.

"It is an important issue that is attracting lots of interest," said Treasurer Caprio. "I'm looking forward to the opportunity to speak to a worldwide audience on the subject."

The "Amazon tax" is set to become law as part of Rhode Island's State budget on July 1.