Despite Google slaps and so forth... while researching a three word phrase this evening I noticed an eBay Affiliate in the #1 position on Google for that phrase.

Big deal?

Depends on how you see it. I think it is...

This skillful Affiliate who has a PR1 has surpassed:

cNet - #2 (PR7)
Dell - #3 & #4
Bizrate - #5
HP - #6

I assume if you are that good - you are likely a reader of this forum - so CONGRATS to YOU on a job well done despite the mountains we face sometimes trying to get to that #1 spot!

It should be noted that this person's site is not "thin" and yet it is not a mega-pain-in-the-but-it-would-take-all-year-to-make-with-what-time-I-DONT-have Site -- with only 30-40 pages indexed both in Google and Yahoo.

This Affiliate has done their due diligence and has aproximately 850 backlinks.

It's been my own experience with one niche I promote with ebay that for every one hundred clicks I can *typically* expect to see 1-2 ACRUs + random sales. If I were to apply that same average to this person's website and volume I would estimate they earn between $1000 - $2500 / per month in commissions for this (one) website that probably only took a few days to a week to create and maybe a month or two getting targeted backlinks.

So, it's easy to see how this person could then rinse and repeat their strategy in other niches and with other programs in addition to ebay. If they make 10 sites generating $1000 ea per month that is = $10,000/month. Hope this inspires anyone who has had their struggles with promoting ebay.

Only catch:

This domain was created April '09 - so not enough time to tell whether Google will slap it at the next update or not but I really don't see that happening given it's content, size, and back links.