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    Clickbank vs other Affiliate programs
    I am completely new to affiliate marketing and one of the first programs that i stumbled on was ClickBank. I have done some reading on CB focused forums and have heard reports of people making some good money on CB.
    But before i dedicate a lot of my time to any particular affiliate network i want to be sure that it is worth it.

    So my question is should i stick with CB? are there any other more successful programs out there that have more proven success than ClickBank? I am looking for something that is free to join as am on a low budget.

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    While some web publishers do earn money through ClickBank, most web publishers soon conclude that ClickBank is not the best source of advertising revenue. Since very few ABW members work with ClickBank, there's not a lot of useful information here about its strengths or drawbacks; in fact, most questions about ClickBank are ignored because of the huge volume of spammers trying to promote ClickBank programs. (My opinion: ClickBank sucks.)

    Spend some time (10-20 hours) reading through some of the discussion threads on ABestWeb, and use the "search" function frequently to find information on specific companies and concepts.

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