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    could you please take a look

    I went and rewrote the article all over again , this time I cheek it 3 times, could you please read it and let me know how to find it ,I am open for criticism, keep in mind that I am Moroccan and English is a foreign language to me.

    Some people say that adsense is better than affiliate programs, and that they tried affiliate programs and made no money, but the instant they tried adsense, they mad good money. in another hand others say that affiliate programs is actually better, And that they do better in it.

    But what should we chose, affiliate programs or adsense? Adsense or affiliate programs?

    To answer that question .I put together a list of advantages and drawbacks of each of the tow ways.

    Some advantages of adsense:

    • You can see the result very fast.
    • You can optimize the ads, so they look like your content (colour, size of the text…).
    • You will get paid for every visitor you send, even if he did not buy anything.
    • You can get paid at western union.

    Some drawbacks of adsense:

    • You must have a website.
    • You can suddenly get band, for numerous reasons, and lose all the money on your account.
    • The click prices is a bit low, so you do not fell like you are getting enough money from sending tons of traffic to the vendor website.
    • Adsense forbid some online marketing techniques, like promoting on chat rooms.

    Some advantages of affiliate programs:

    • You don’t have to build a web site to make money.
    • You get a huge percentage of the product, up to 75%.
    • You don’t have to get a huge amount of traffic entering to the vendor website, in order for you to make money. You only have to refer some people that are interested in the product, and if some of them buy, you get paid.
    • You will usually be provided with resources from the vendor website to promote There product.

    Some drawbacks of affiliate programs:

    • It take’s some time to see some money entering you account.
    • You are only getting paid for visitors that buy products.
    • It is a bit harder to make money, because it is harder to get people to buy than just click.
    • Most of affiliate programs pay you by cheeks.

    Honestly, the answer for this question “adsense or affiliate programs? “is entirely up to you, depending on your preference, are you looking to make this business yours for long time , and you want to see good results even if they take a bit longer, or are you looking for some money now and you want to see some result the instant you begin.

    Either you chosen adsense or affiliate programs, the money you will make, depends on the amount of afford you put in marketing.

    thank you

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