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    Lightbulb Suggestion - Negative Filter
    I would like to make a suggestion of making available a "negative filter." We all have filters that we use for the merchants that we belong to. What about a "negative filter" that we can check off the merchants that we don't want to show up in a search.

    For example, I set up a page for widgets. I search my merchants for widgets and add them to my PopShop page. I now want to see what other merchants that I do not have in my filter that offer widgets as I may want to join their program to add more choice on my widget page.

    Now when I do that, I get the Overstock feeds for Canada and UK or I get JC Whitney's CJ or Linkconnector feeds though I am with them on GAN or I get Home Depot that has rejected my request to join several times. The "negative feed" would allow me to check off those merchant that I don't want to show up in a search like all the duplicate feeds or those merchant that don't want to deal with me.

    Just a suggestion.
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    I second the call for such an option. It would be very useful.
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    I'd put that on a wish list, but I still have a dream of a complete reworking of the filter process that doesn't take four minutes to load the merchant screen. I'd love to see a standalone page that can be accessed without getting into shopbuilder, where filters are easily designed and reviewed, with results that can be stacked (use filters named "plus size"+"junior plus" -"department stores"). But this would mean a redesign away from that dropdown screen and is not a trivial proposal by any means.
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