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    Just discovered this, not sure if it's been posted. But some good info in here about the spyware/adware issues and proposed legislation. (I think, just gave it a quick skim.)

    About the CDT:

    The Center for Democracy and Technology works to promote democratic values and constitutional liberties in the digital age. With expertise in law, technology, and policy, CDT seeks practical solutions to enhance free expression and privacy in global communications technologies. CDT is dedicated to building consensus among all parties interested in the future of the Internet and other new communications media.

    These guys may be a good ally in the fight!

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    Great read for all ABWers from affiliate to merchant and network spin artists.

    The whole spyware/adware impact on normal affiliates is designed to make them victims ...just like the unwarry shoppers. This was a carefully crafted, betta tested and implimented commission hijacking scheme adopted by the networks & the IAB/DMA Ad Whores.

    No staff member at any network is NOT AWARE of the real purpose of the BHO playas as the helped host, report/track and interface the entire network clickstream to sneak them secretly into the commission pool. All R&D efforts in the last two years at the networks has gone into enabling their BHO partnerships knowing it marginalizes and erodes the earning power of their normal affiliate base.

    The only way they could accomplish this is by keeping the real financial impact from the duped merchants by shoving these S/W affiliates into the major brand programs using controlled 3rd party AM firms. Yep the majority of BHO friendly merchants we see on those merchant lists are controlled by a hand full of AM management firms. None working for those firms dare post here or anywhere, or face getting fired by the insiders hell bent on raping the pocketbooks of the merchants.

    That is why, after 3 weeks, not one word has come from the networks addressing the hidden cookie stuffing practices employed by rogue affiliates seeking their own version of the "poorman's BHO". The do not want to upset or inform/educate the real merchant's management as to the overall ploy to drain their advertising budgets via sleezebag affiliate practices they enable and endorse to enrich their own pockets with zip effort.

    I dare any network to forward the above article link to their contact list of real merchant management. They prefer to wait till the spreading cancer is terminal. They know, like I do, that firing 80% of all the merchant AM's wouldn't effect merchant sales by 2% as long as the sleezebag commission theft practices are left in place.

    Mike & Charlie ...

    "Payment is one option that isn't negotiable. Merchants require it for purchases ...SO DO WE."

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    I would like a mod to move this into the parasiteware forum.

    Is 180 solutions / Ncase / purchasepost really in compliance and if so, what exactly does that mean?

    Todd just loves to throw our "minor blurbs" against folks like Mike for so called consiracy theories. Yet..... he or other network officials never have the time to respond to these kinds of threads or any other that questions the validity of the COC or of the term they throw own merchants in regards to parasities being "in compliance"..... and thats no conspiracy theory!

    I doubt Todd or any other network rep will be here to provide any comment on this one either!

    Networks allowing these types of applications to openly operate in a financial environment is more than shameful IMO. Merchants should take notice to what the networks are allowing so they can profit, carefully consider what "in compliance" really means and start screaming for reform along with us.

    What do you call a network that piggybacks off a parasite for profit that piggybacks off unsuspecting consumers via free applications with misleading and unclear terms, causes unreliable performance on PC's, slows pc performance down and often invades a consumers privacy?

    Doing business as usual! Oink Oink

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    Your damn strait on all those points Poon. Pigs at the trough ...Oink Oink. The IAB/DMA Ad networks appear to own and control the affiliate networks. Major goal is drain the other half of the merchant's Ad budgets, through a pool of online advertising agency interns learning the smoke and mirrors skill sets necessary to sell the pay-per-performance model. Merchant's are sitting ducks as they have no clue they're being fleeced. Guess the AM interns hope some day to bill and organize a SuperBowl halftime show sleezier than the one shown this year.

    Mike & Charlie ...

    "Payment is one option that isn't negotiable. Merchants require it for purchases ...SO DO WE."

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