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    Beware of Desktopsmiley - just launched on CJ
    I noticed a new merchant on the CJ interface, and I'm quite stunned by this. is offering leads on toolbar downloads. This isn't a merchant - it's a toolbar that makes money serving you popup ads & hijacking your browsing experience. Here is an independent review of their toolbar, and the reason I decided to post:

    This goes against everything I stand for as an affiliate and computer user - I don't care how much they are willing to pay per lead.

    CJ might want to provide an explanation why this type of program would be allowed in the network.

    In their site terms of use, they openly state the following (warning: it takes 4 clicks to leave their site due to popups):
    AutoUpdate: The Desktop Smiley Toolbar using AutoUpdate, automatically communicates with DAL's servers on the Internet to check for updates to DAL and DAL partner software, such as bug fixes, patches, enhanced functions, missing plug-ins and new versions....has the capability to run independently of Desktop Smiley Toolbar to perform background update checks....may download updates during the background checks.. sends information about installed DOUBLED ADVERTISING's products and components to the servers to determine upgrade availability.

    System Search Dispatcher: An application installed along with Desktop Smiley Toolbar. Once installed, it runs independently of Desktop Smiley Toolbar. The System Search Depatcher shows links for potentially correct pages and refined search results when bad URL addresses. User can remove the application in Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs.

    Internet Saving Optimizer: The application optimizes the benefits of the users by providing relevant offers joined in the network. It will be automatically installed together with Desktop Smiley Toolbar and runs independently. User can remove the application in Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs

    Free CashBack Assistant: The application offers a 100% free comparative shopping sidebar that automatically detects lower prices and cashback for services while user shops. It is fully customizable and can be turned on and off as wish. It will be installed upon user's agreement with GamingHarbor Toolbar and runs independently. User can remove the application in Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs

    Media Access Startup: The application assigns the webpage periodically to users for the ease of use of media access. It can be installed along with the toolbar and runs independently. User can remove the application in Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs
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    Not in a Bazillion Years ....

    edit: CJ should be ashamed and know that offering something like that affects their overall reputation for serious marketers .....

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    For some reason I'm not surprised. Appalled, but not surprised.

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    Yeah, was just reading various sites -

    And looks like people are having all kinds of problems with it. Shameful on CJ's part having this crap available but not surprising.

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    & I wonder what has happened to siteadvisor?

    They give this site a 'green' even though there are over a dozen user reviews (all BAD), exploit, virus, spyware, popups, etc.
    Their own 'in depth review' is 1 sentence. Whatajoke.


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