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    Programs for Children's Products?
    I am getting more involved in my local community (my children's schools, sports clubs, etc.) and I am thinking about money-making opportunities. It would be nice to join a couple affiliate programs and then talk it up at meetings. (It can't be much different than selling Avon; people either want to help you out or they don't.)

    However, finding an appropriate program seems to be a bit harder than I expected. There is no directory listing programs according to the products they involve. And going through each forum and sub-forum is pretty time-consuming.

    What affiliate programs are available for children's products (in the grade 1 - 5 age group)? I don't think a large percentage of parents of children in this age group are interested in site hosting, lenses, herbal products, etc. What I'd really like to find is a program whose products are specifically targeted at parents of young children.

    Any recommendations?

    Your advice is appreciated.


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    Sign up at SAS, do a search for toys or whatever products you wish to promote. I imagine it goes the same on other networks but can only suggest what I know.

    Talking up products or merchants won't do you much good though, you need to direct those people to your site where you promote the merchants or products. They need to click through your links to buy in order to generate a commission.

    Good luck

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