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    Article Contest ???
    Hello, I am the webmaster of a website that reviews running shoes.
    We have some google love, we post on forums and are beginning to exchange links with other websites.

    Now i would like to spend some money for the website, but with the idea of spending money for something that stays and increases the web presence of the website - so not PPC.

    What we were thinking is a contest, in the way "if you link to us on your blog you can win a 100$ gift card on one of our partner sites".

    Now my questions are... what is the best way to do that? My goal is to get 100 links and pay 100$ for them - so when the contest gets 100 participants, i randomly extract one winner.

    but maybe there are better ways, such as 1 point for a link and 2-3 points for an article that links to one of our articles. and how do i reach 100 webmasters (or more, given that not everybody might participate?)

    did you ever run a contest? what was the outcome? any tip really appreciated!


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    Could be difficult because people with any kind of PageRank are earning in excess of that amount from people from guaranteed paid text links.

    Offering $100 might not have quite the incentive you hoped, especially as they only have a chance of even getting the $100, not a guarantee.

    It's an interesting thought though. Some people might go for it.
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    So a site owner links to you, and has a 1 in 100 chance of winning $100?

    Not exactly worth it

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