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    January 17th, 2005
    I have not placed an online order online since before Christmas.

    Well I finally found something I wanted and after lots of research found that had the item, best price and a $15 off first time buyer coupon (and of course I used my aff link). Their site stinks, kept getting cookies errosr, turned off cookies, firewall etc.. still received error messages (even opened 2 separate accounts using 2 different email addresses) Email customer support, yeah, receive a response withing 12 hours my rear end! over 24 hours a later they respond and at least deleted my accounts per my request. But they also tell me to upgrade to Netscape 6.0, ummm, I'm using IE 6.

    Then I try another site, change my mind and order a similar product to the one I tried to order at Same cookie settings, but this time my order is placed with no problems, I'm thinking great, I finally can get my hands on this item. NOT! I get an emil, sorry your item is "backordered" well why in the puck do they list is as in stock. So who knows when I'll receive it! I may have to revert and actually shop at my local computer store, geez!

    Sorry, needed to vent!

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    Hint ...regardless of the recent bad PR.. just go to TigerDirect and order it as they have realtime inventory control in place.

    Mike & Charlie ...

    "Payment is one option that isn't negotiable. Merchants require it for purchases ...SO DO WE."

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    January 17th, 2005
    I would have ordered it from tigerdirect but the item I wanted was $30 more there. but trying to save some cash has only been a pain in the a$$.

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