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    Arelis and LinkCapture
    Just read Geno's post, "Streamline Your Affiliate Program Management" and he mentions using Arelis and/or LinkCapture to aid in recruitment. Any recommendations on which one and why?

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    I haven't used LinkCapture, but I've definitely used Arelis, which is now available only as a component within "Internet Business Promoter" (IBP).

    Warning: IBP is a very, very dangerous product; it automates a number of tasks in ways that will cause serious problems for most users (including search engine penalties, spam complaints, and worse). I have used it ONLY for "site identification" and preliminary data-gathering.

    One of the absolute worst things about IBP/Arelis is that it searches for an email address for a site contact, but if it can't find one it automatically creates an "" address for the site. If it finds an address, you must still manually check to verify that it is the right address for your purposes (for affiliate-program recruitment, you usually want the 'advertising' contact, not the contact for 'comments' or 'technical problems' or whatever).

    Two years ago, I recommended IBP/Arelis as a tool to consider, in my article on Affiliate Recruitment Strategies, but I included a warning about how dangerous it is.

    My main worry is that merchants always want to "improve efficiency" (by which I mean they are "seeking shortcuts"), and many merchants assign "site identification" and even "site recruitment" to low-level or temporary employees with limited experience and often poor judgment skills. The response rate for site recruitment is already hideously low; cutting corners reduces the response rate further, while increasing the risk of spam-complaints and search-engine penalties.

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