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    Status changed to "Pending"
    Is it usual for one's status with a merchant to be changed from approved to pending without any notice before or after? I have been with the merchant for six months and generate a conversion or two a month from organic traffic.



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    Nope, it's not usual. I've seen it before but each time the merchant was a crook.
    I hope the merchant sent you an email. If your status is pending your commissions will not be paid so watch this merchant closely and ask for clarification.

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    I believe that "pending" status also disables any existing links, so merchants won't get any new traffic from the affiliate.

    Logically, this seems more likely to be a mistake than an intentional attempt to cheat affiliates, but of course there might be more going on in this case.

    However, this change definitely merits follow-up with the merchant AND with ShareASale support: it simply should not happen.

    Suggestion for ShareASale: make an annoying little script change to prevent merchants from EVER changing an affiliate's status from "Approved" to "Pending" -- the only permissible change should be from "Approved" to "Declined" (which I believe triggers an email to the affiliate).

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    This has happened to us too...
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    If you have bouncing emails and the merchant has been trying to reach you, this might be their way of getting you to contact them. I wouldn't recommend it unless the reason was fraud, but some merchants might not know better.

    Otherwise it might be a merchant checking through sites and pending the affiliates they want to check on. Or it might be someone doing something stupid But above are the legitimate reasons I can think of.

    I would also put in a trouble ticket to Shareasale if you don't get a response from contacting the merchant.
    Deborah Carney

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