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    Cool New With "Which Affiliate Company" Vendor Questions
    New here but not new to marketing online. I've sold as an affiliate and sold my own products without an affiliate program.

    This looks like a GREAT place to learn and maybe even share some ideas.

    My current product pays enough to attract affiliates.

    I'm releasing a new product soon. Like very soon . . . So . . .

    I'm considering PayDotCom for affiliate program with PayPal payments.

    My initial look around in PDC was almost frightening not exactly what I would call "User Friendly".

    Any suggestions on another Affiliate system for vendors that is like PDC in that:

    • No Set Up or Account Sign Up charge
    • Reasonable fee structure
    • No separate accounts needed for different pay outs
    • No additional charge for adding more products
    • Works with PayPal
    • BUT IS . . . Easy to understand, navigate and set up vendor back office

    Thanks in advance for any input.

    Mike C.

    I'm back at it and DeadIntoIt

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    If you find it let us know....

    Free is free, and you get what you pay for. Other than saying that, I'd say do some searching through the threads where other folks have asked the same types of questions.

    I'm moving your thread to the Becoming a Merchant forum, since that is really what your thread is about.
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    Deborah Carney

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    Welcome Mike. Hope you find the info that you are looking for.

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