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    GoDaddy Files patents to sell shares in domains
    United States patent application 20090171823
    Systems and methods are disclosed for underwriting a sale of shares of equity in a domain name. Domain information (including domain registrant, description, organizations, performance, business plans and risks) is submitted to a network of underwriters. Based on this information, the potential underwriters submit proposals to underwrite the sale of shares of equity in the domain name. The registrant selects a proposal, and the registrant and selected underwriter negotiate the number of shares and price per share.
    United States Patent application 20090171678
    Systems and methods are disclosed for protecting a domain name during a sale of shares of equity in the domain name. Prior to and during the sale of shares of equity in the domain name, the domain name is moved into a holding account as collateral for the sale of shares of equity. This protection may include registrar protection, such as expiration protection or hijack protection, or legal protection and rights such as trademark protection (including specialized ICANN protections) and copyright protection.

    Pretty Schmart! Why sell the domain when you can now sell shares!
    Continued Success,

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    Why sell the domain when you can now sell shares!
    In the words of whomever sayed long time ago...

    "Good things come to those who wait!"

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    Thumbs up Haiko's Gonna Own Shares Of The Wild Wild West ??...

    So how long before you Buy out Wild West Domains shares there big buddy ?

    Even having a percentage will maKE YOUR BANK CALL YOU way MORE OFTEN THAN IT DOES NOW.[sorry caps button]

    Go Go Go Haiko !

    See you at the show !

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    from Overview
    "The invention should have a desirable side effect on the entire domain name industry in that it may provide a significant amount of secure capital to registrants, which would allow them to develop their domain name organizations and invest in capital expenditures such as dedicated servers, other domain names, etc., while providing assurance to potential investors and underwriters that the domain name may be protected and used as collateral during the sale of such equity in the domain name"

    Cool, like it. Glad I have not sold the domains I was thinking of selling yet! Time to now re-stock on a few more.

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    Pretty lame brain to buy into a company's domain but not the company. Remember when tried to do this? Anyone who would have bought into his deal would have lost money.

    Look at it this way. You pay $10,000 for 1% share of because that domain is worth millions! But then the company owning the domain, sells the company not the domain to another company for $10 million. What did you just get? I am not seeing anything about buying into the company when that happens. This is all just a speculators shell game.

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    If you sell shares ... it has to be approved by the SEC ... I doubt they will go along with this idea ... more than likely it's a ploy to get free publicity for Go Daddy. It ain't so easy getting a patent these days.

    However, I wonder what you could get Google to pay you if you had the domain name, and sold shares to all the people they have screwed in the last ten years
    and had all your shareholders sending traffic to that site to see just how hypocritical and such the Goofle crew has been.

    Come to think of it ... ... would probably be even better.

    You might get their competition to pay you $10/CPM to spin a banner on that domain.

    Ah ... the horror ... Don't you just love the smell of napalm in the morning?

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    Hmmm, sorry for dredging up a fairly old thread, just saw it.

    Interesting concept. It would allow, say, for multiple investors to buy the domain straight up from the owner, and split ownership. So, say I was developing the business, I pull investor's into my company, they get ownership in the company and co-ownership in the company's primary asset, the domain. I think it would make more sense to view this as part of a larger business transaction, providing security to potential investors. As I make a profit, I buy the others out at an agreed upon per share price.

    Any updates on this?
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