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    Competition Question??
    The issue i am having at the moment has got to do with competition.
    I am intending on setting up a new site, a blog/review site, that will review web based products such as ebooks. I am passionate about this particular topic and feel it will be the best one to choose as i will really enjoy the process and broaden my knowledge in the area.

    After doing some research of the web-based market for this stuff via google i found two websites that perfectly achieve everything that i want to do for my proposed site.

    SO my question is, based on the fact that i am right at the beginning (ie havent written a single review), is their any point in continuing this or should i change my topic to one of the others i have shortlisted.

    I searched for a similar question on the forum but i couldnt find one. Hope i dont sound too noobiish.


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    Think about what will set you apart. If you will be just like the other guys, it will be hard to compete.

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    If it's a site review on niche, sub-niche, yeah it might get some traction..

    I really think someone starting out new should not utilize traditional methods and try to get traction, I would rather suggest that you ride the wave of innovation and try the many new methods of content delivery available to us now ... yes a blog is good, don't get me wrong, but I wholeheartedly think you'd do much better long term and competition wise if you actually implemented technology into your USP.
    Continued Success,

    The secret of success is constancy of purpose ~ Disraeli

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    You should consider the competition in your niche, but there are other factors to consider as well. There would be no Google today if they'd decided in 1998 there were already enough search engines. Like SlowCooker said, what can you do to differentiate yourself and add value?
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    The key here is that you wrote > "[i] found two websites that perfectly achieve everything that i want to do for my proposed site." (emphasis added) <

    You've just acknowledged that the existing sites are "perfect" and you have no "added value" that would justify creating the new site. You've answered your own question.

    Of course, if you believe that the sites aren't really perfect, and that there is some way you could add more value for consumers, then the idea might be worth pursuing.

    My first major web site ( was "the first and only" of its kind when it launched (the site launched in 1996 and was moved to the domain in 1998). I still believe that was the most useful site for its audience (webmasters seeking ad revenue, and seeking "opinionated commentary" about companies promising to pay web sites), right up until I sold it in December 1999. Since then, the buyer allowed the site to stagnate and now it's defunct. (Correction: in the past few weeks, it's been revived as a "placeholder" list of affiliate networks; it may have changed ownership.)

    Over the past 7 years (since the non-compete expired), I've periodically considered creating a new site on the same topic. Each time, I've identified limitations and flaws in many of the resources available (affiliate directories and forums), and each time, I've identified a unique web site "angle" that would differentiate my site from others. In other words, the competition isn't perfect, and my site would be unique in some ways.

    But each time I considered this idea, I've concluded that the potential opportunity did not justify the time and effort required to create and maintain the site.

    I've sold other web sites, which the buyers have mostly allowed to languish, and I periodically re-consider those concepts, too, but I've always decided not to "try again" with those concepts.

    Of course, I've also considered hundreds of other web-site ideas, and I never believe that my ideas are completely original. I've pursued some of them successfully; I've pursued many more without success.

    But always, the questions are:
    • Can I create a site that adds unique value to my audience?
    • What will it cost (in time and money) to "start up" and build the site?
    • What will it cost (in time and money) to maintain and update the site in the future?
    • What will it cost to promote the site and build an audience (traffic)?
    • How certain am I about the cost estimates? Have I reasonably considered reasons why costs might escalate and why schedules might be delayed?
    • How will I monetize the site? (sponsorships, advertising, subscriptions, etc.)
    • What are the possible revenue outcomes? (including reasonable "best case" and "worst case" scenarios)
    • What are reasonable "timeline" forecasts for traffic and revenue? (I don't think I've ever had a site that earned a profit during its first 2 years.)
    • What risks (other than cost and revenue forecasts) might exist with the project? (I could probably write a book about this.)
    • Are the cost and risk worth the forecasted reward?
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    Thankyou for your detailed responses, you have been very helpful. Haiko i understood most of your response but got a little lost when you mention technology and my unique selling proposition, I would love it if you elaborated a little more :-). I'm presuming that you mean using other marketing tools now available on the web to push for a usp??

    Welch i think i may have spoken too definitively, i will remember those questions and answer them when the right time arises.

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    if you are passionate about what you want to do - then do it
    remember that anything can be improved upon!

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    review web based products such as ebooks
    If you actually buy these products and give an honest review, that would make your site better than 95% of the other similar sites out their IMO.

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