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    I hate to be suspicious and I could be wrong but I suspect it is a trusted merchant because other than friends and family, it has only been given to a VERY FEW merchants to enable faster communication.

    I am NOT going to buy your stupid book!! I probably know more than you, you poop for brains. Further, sending the same cr@p from ten different domains with ten different names won't make me buy it either so take me off your d@mn list!!! You KNOW who you are!

    Mr.Merchant, if you do business in any way what-so-ever with parasites, your products will not be sold on my sites!!
    Affiliates, before you use CJ merchants, Read This! Comments are to be interpreted as opinion unless otherwise noted.

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    I had a linkshare merchant leave linkshare a couple of years ago and take my business email with him.... and then sent a letter to hundreds of affiliates (CC) so that everyone had my email and everyone elses. UGH! I have been spammed out the wazoo since. I am sorry this happened to you, some people are so unprofessional ( and stupid ).

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