Hi All,

Exotissimo is seeking high quality publishers within the travel sector. We know there are many of you out there working with ShareaSale, and we want to encourage you to join our growing number of partners as soon as possible.

So...we’re very pleased to offer any Travel related publisher who is both a member of ABW and ShareaSale, a very special commission of $7.50 per valid lead, for 3 months.

How to Participate

This offer is open for 10 days only. The private lead rate of $7.50 will be assigned once you have generated a couple of clicks. So, in other words you have until the 17th of July to sign-up and activate. Once you’ve applied, please drop me a PM or send me an email at patrick.goodfellow <>at <> Exotissimo com with your ShareaSale ID.

More details...Check my ‘launch’ announcement thread here or full program details here.

Hope to see your application soon.