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Thread: Babylon now live on Webgains!

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    Babylon now live on Webgains!
    The Babylon affiliate program is now live on Webgains.

    Founded in 1997, Babylon is the leading provider of single-click dictionary and translation solutions. Babylon 8 is a desktop software available for both private users and corporate organizations. Babylon offers text translation in 28 languages and Wikipedia results in 18 languages, all in a single click.

    Sign-up today and start earning $1.50 for every generated free trial download. We have a 90 day cookie duration and an open PPC policy.
    Join today!

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    search affiliate
    Can an affiliate send traffic via adwords?
    is brand bidding permitted?
    what languages does the program support on your network?


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    the PPC policy is open. on all webgains programs, look for the 'paid search policy' restrictions (open/restricted/closed). Open means brand and other keywords are permitted.

    The program supports any language but you need to go through the affiliate links provided because local tracking is in place.
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