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    Ben The AIM Group
    Congrats to Fed
    Congrats to Roger Federer in becoming the most decorated tennis player in history! Too bad he didn't do it against Nadal, but still, great accomplishment! Can't wait for more Nadal vs Federer finals, like Wimbledon 08 and Aussie 09!

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    Thought for sure you were talking about low interest rates : )
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    Ben The AIM Group
    Haha yes I suppose it sounds like that in the subject doesn't it. Not to much interest with the tennis world I noticed here. Weird since Federer just beat USA's Pete Sampras' record for Grand Slam titles, personally I can't wait to see Nadal come back.

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    The Wimbledon final was a fantastic game - Roddick played his heart out. They both did well, and it was just nice to watch a really good game of tennis
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    Ben The AIM Group
    Agreed Nadia! Great effort all around this year, it was hard not to cheer for Roddick since he was an underdog! But nice to see Fed break the record. US Open should be interesting, seems like this year is a little more equal.

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