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    Shop creation keywords displayed in preferences!
    Awesome! I was just going through a new shop and was setting the preferences when I saw the keywords used for each product displayed as well as the negative keywords.

    Thanks a lot, that makes it much easier to re-create shops when a merchant goes offline and you need to replace them.
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    Thanks knight01 for pointing the new feature out.

    Well Done PopShops!!

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    Fabulous addition, greatly helps! Thanx PopShops!
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    Since the cat is out of the bag, I suppose it's OK for me to comment on this. Dan allowed me to play with this functionality for the past couple of weeks and it has totally eliminated my issue of keywords that are excluded in search being included in autofeed. It also makes it much easier to add or exclude additional keywords.

    Great new feature!!!!

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    I didn't know it was a secret, they've been showing in my shops for weeks. Depending on how the shop is set up these can really help!

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