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    During the last days of Nov, my 7 day epc changed to $45.00. My balance stayed the same.

    A week went by and my 7 day epc went down to $0.00
    (only a $5.00 commission that week [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img]. My balance hasn't increased any(except for the $5.00 from a sale I made after the epc went back to 0.)

    I'd like to know what happened here.

    Was that $45.00, 7 day epc from a batched sale that hasn't been acredited yet?

    Or is it just gone?

    The $45.00 epc happened during the last week of Nov. It went back to 0 at the start of Dec. If that came from a batched sale, will I get the commission on the Dec check, or will I have to wait until Jan?

    I'll apreciate any info I can get on this.

    I was very happy thinking that maybe I was finally going to be able to earn some good money from this since I can't work outside the home.

    After stupidly throwing away $300.00 I didn't really have on a Yahoo! listing that went live the week of the big change, I need the money now more than ever.

    Sorry for the rant!

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    I think the confusion is coming from what the EPC stands for.

    It is not money in the bank but a projected figure of what you are earning on the average for every 100 clicks.

    So if you get credited with say 10 clicks and from those clicks get one Ebay registration ($5) - your EPC would be $50. You didn't make $50 - but it's just saying you would make $50 after 100 clicks if you continued at that pace.

    So because this EPC figure is an average, it will fluctuate wildly if you have just few clicks. I also think I read here somewhere that the 7 day and 3 month EPC is batched so it is not a terribly reliable guide.

    The only figure you can trust is the account balance once the transactions are locked for the month - usually happens around the 2nd week of the month.

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