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    Hi all,

    Can i just ask some advice, i am new to affiliation and have recently set up new campaigns and started adwords PPC but for some reason the campaigns are not running and the only information i get from Google is my keywords do not currently trigger any of my ads. I have tried new endan.keywords, changing my budget, my cpc nothing can any advise me please.

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    Hate to say it, but this comes under " Tricks of the Trade "

    You should be reading the PPC threads on the site....

    The people here that are making the REAL Bucks are not content driven sites like mine, but PPC Pros....

    And they had to go through Trial and Error, losing $1000's to get where they are.

    12 Years and I still don't have 1/2 of the answers.

    PPC is not for the thin skinned. -

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    ppc ads
    be careful. this is a tough business.

    read all the help info on all the search engines.

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