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    Connie, I was watching Las Vegas tonight on NBC and they had a couple there that were the coupon king and queen. They were talking about coupons for vegas for this and that. They also said something about insider coupons.

    Since you are the coupon queen around here, you have to verify all this information for us. Find us all coupons to save us money on our trip. You can do it. I know you can.


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    Yeah Connie.. if you find any coupons for vegas please keep them.... :0)

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    Hi all!

    I so want to go to Vegas, but given my boss just approved Affiliate Summit which is a cruise, I think she'd laugh me out of her office if I mention Vegas.

    I don't have coupon codes, but I have a magic key to priceline for hotels.

    This site lists what people have bid and what they have gotten. So, you can figure out how to bid smartly and not be surprised. When I drove across the country, I would bid the night before I got somewhere. I stayed in 4 stars the whole way for $40 a night.

    So maybe this will help a little.

    It's not a coupon code, but you can get amazing deals. Have fun!!!! And doesn't priceline have an affiliate program, so you can bid through your own links.



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