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    [Split] BBB Conflict of Interest?
    I still work a 9-5 with a nasty commute between Arlington And Dallas. Hoping to get away from that within 2 years, but heard something somewhat alarming at work.
    While in a staff meeting trying to brainstorm on company marketing, our sales/PR person said that the BBB ranked you higher depending on price paid. I sure hope this is not true as I always relied on checking things out with them before I made decisions, on everything from personal purchases to business related items, or services, especially any work from home programs.
    Has anyone ever heard this ???
    So, as a back up I also checkout the Rip Off reort, but most importantly, I go to places on the net where I can get to view different messsage boards and blogs, looking for honest complaints. If I see too much negative that is throwing me a red flag, it helps me make a better choice, being so new to this. I hope this helps other newbies in some way .....

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    Here's a excerpt from the above link that'll give you something to think about:

    Excerpted from: Gordon Mead Bennett - Contacting the Better Business Bureau
    The bureau claims to retain a neutral status in all business-customer disputes, yet every cent of bureau's funding comes from the very businesses it is forced to investigate.

    Edit: While this discussion of the BBB isn't completely off topic, it does have the potential to take on a life of it's own. Perhaps this topic, if it is to continue, could be moved to a new thread.
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    [MODERATOR NOTE: I've split this discussion out.]

    In the experiences I've had reporting companies to the BBB, I've found them to be slow to respond and not very helpful. My reports frequently never got reflected in the ratings.

    For those trying to figure out if a company is reliable, here's a cool tip I learned recently...

    Type the company's name in Google (and don't click Search) and look to see what suggested search terms come up. If they're "[merchant name] fraud" "[merchant name] scam", "[merchant name] complaints", etc., that's not a good sign.

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    The BBB may sometimes be slow and a bit clueless, but I've never seen a case where a bad rating has not been deserved.

    Where I have seen complaints made about the BBB, they have often been a smokescreen by people who's bad business practices have been exposed.
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    The BBB, in my opinion, has a broken operating model.

    You need to pay to join and they lose members if they report anything bad.

    The BBB should not be compensated by companies it is supposed to reporting about in an unbiased fashion.
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