Probably just a coincidence but it seems strange to me.

SITE #1 that has nothing to do with Overstock .com but has affiliate links from other CJ programs and amazon, and has had steady traffic for about 6 months, shows #1 on Google for at least three keywords, and had pretty steady sales.

Site #2, had few and far between sales with Overstock. I will admit it needed more time and work spent on it. Since the Overstock change I have had no sales on this site.

It seems when Overstock came to CJ all sales really dwindled for site #1. June was my worst month this year.

I was worried that someone was stealing my sales but didn't think too much about it since my amazon sales died out too.

Then an affiliate manager from CJ emailed congratulating me on a strong June and wanted to touch base by calling in two days........What????....strong June??

Well, he called and we talked.

I noticed that the day he emailed I got sales from CJ and Amazon for the next three days. A day after the call I have had no more sales.

Am I crazy??

Is there a way someone could turn something on and off and control what sales show up on your account and the other sales you would have got go to someone else?

I just don't see how with it happening to my CJ sales and Amazon sales.

Anyone have any Ideas what could be going on?

Confused Jen