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    Sex Sales or Sex Sells
    If sex sells, why are we in a recession? Seriously. Think about it.

    Yes. This is going to be another one of my long rambling post. However, read it and think about it. I think we all want higher conversion rates. I think we all want more money. I think this post can start us down that road, if you just take time to consider what I am saying. So, let's begin.

    Sex sells. The media has told us this for many years, but over the past few years, they have really stressed this "opinion".

    We listened to them. Believed them. And are paying the price.

    The reality is that sex does sell. However, if you take the sex out of it, sells are much better. In fact, take the "sex sells" theory and throw it out the window for 6 months and this recession will be over. Of course, that is just my opinion.

    This is not intended to offend anyone. Most merchants want us to increase our conversion rate and sales. I am just offering some friendly advice.

    NOTE: This post is in no way intended to be sexist. It is just an example. A "vice versa" example will be posted in the near future.

    I think I can better explain this with a series of examples. I am only going to give one example in this post to cut down on the length and rambling.

    Example #1: I wanted a t-shirt merchant for a couple of my sites a few weeks back. Most of my sites have traffic that is largely male. Obviously, I wanted a "Men's T-Shirt" merchant. I found one on a network in the "Men's" category. I applied. Got approved and was happy. For about 2 minutes.

    Silly me had not bothered to look at the links this merchant had. I just "assumed" they would be appropriate for my sites since they were listed in the "men's" category. Boy was I wrong.

    The merchant had a grand total of 5 banners. One of the banners had a guy's face on it that looked like he was strung out on drugs. It might work when Halloween rolls around, but I don't want to scare my traffic away with a banner like that.

    The other 4 banners had women wearing the t-shirts. Of course, using the "sex sells" theory, they were made to look "sexy" on the banner.

    No way would I put those banners on my site. Hmmm... I am suppose to push these "men's" t-shirts by using banners with half naked women on them. I don't think so. Therefore, I ended up having to redo part of sites and use text links.

    Now this company says sales are good. They might think sales are good, but both EPC's are under $5.

    Let's look at this example and dissect it.

    First of all, no matter what the media or some "survey" tells you, a guy wanting to buy a t-shirt would rather see how a guy looks in the shirt, not a woman.

    What you end up getting is a lower conversion rate than you could or should be getting. Why?

    1. Many of the click throughs are guys that have no interest in buying a t-shirt, they are more interested in seeing what the models on the site look like.

    2. Many of the guys that came to the site interested in buying a t-shirt are now distracted. Their minds are not on buying a t-shirt anymore.

    3. However, the "sex sells" theory works. How? A sale is made, just not by the t-shirt merchant. Some of the guys have gotten "excited" and headed off to find a porno site to subscribe to.

    Throw out the "sex sells" theory and throw in the "Snowfinch Theory".

    Make banners with "men" wearing the t-shirts. Personally, here is a description of one of the banners I would have.

    A 300x250 banner with at least 3 guys wearing the t-shirts. Each guy of a different race or nationality, as well as different ages and so on. Each guy different sizes. One smaller guy. One average size guy. One larger guy.

    People are different. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, etc...

    Let the guys see what guys similar to themselves look like wearing the shirts. Let the smaller guy get a general idea on how the shirt would fit his body type and what he would look like in the shirt. Ect...

    Use the "Snowfinch Theory" and this company's conversion rate from banners will increase at least 1% within a month as compared to the same month last year. Within 6 months, a 2 to 3 percent conversion rate increase over the previous year is very likely.

    Now, if I operated a women's dress company, I wouldn't hire ZZ Top to model in them and put on my banners. Women would only click the banners to laugh not purchase dresses.

    If this post is not deleted, (I have to be the biggest worry wart in this forum.) I will post more examples later to show why and how the "sex sells" theory is hurting our conversion rate and helping to prolong the recession.

    Just my opinion. Come let us reason together. I think if we start brainstorming, we can do our part to help the economy and our bank accounts. To solve problems we must communicate. To come up with solutions we must talk about it.

    First, we have to admit we have a problem. Just turn on the news or read the latest economic numbers and you will have no doubt we have a problem. All problems have a solution and we can be a part of that solution.

    If one person can make a difference, what can thousands of affiliates and hundreds of merchants working together accomplish?

    Thank you for your time.

    Snowfinch, the Paranoid One

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    I never thought of it like that.. does that mean i too am becoming paranoid?
    I attract success and abundance into my life because that is who I am.

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    I get tired of not finding the banners or text links I need. I always wonder why these options are so limited so many years into this industry. Just as we will create and test hundreds of ads on PPC engines, I would think affiliate managers would be cranking out new banners and text links all the time to see if they can improve on existing performance.

    I have to beg and plead once in awhile just to get a text link to a specific page or product instead of using the homepage link they offer. Very frustrating.
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