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    No Customer Left Behind
    NO CUSTOMER LEFT BEHIND. What exactly does that mean and what does it have to do with affiliate marketing?

    Those questions may sound complicated, but the answers are rather simple.

    There are two answers to that question. The merchant answer and the affiliate answer.

    THE MERCHANT ANSWER: This answer will vary from merchant to merchant. Each merchant must look at their strategies and decide the best answer for their particular product or store. Whatever your strategy is, make sure you cater to the wants, needs and desires to all or at least as many customers as possible. Don't just settle for going after the customers most likely to buy. Also cater to those customers least likely to buy. Think of it this way. The reason those customers are least likely to buy may be because your store has earned a reputation of not offering the products for that demographic of society. Cater to those customers, and over time, you may discover they too will join the group most likely to buy. Take risk. But do it in a wise way and give it time. You may not see success over night.

    THE AFFILIATE ANSWER: Do you know who your traffic is? Many affiliates know a lot about their traffic, especially the more likely to buy traffic. Make sure in the process you don't put up traffic lights stopping the smaller, less likely to buy traffic from at least having an opportunity to make a purchase. Take a little time to get to know the traffic that isn't buying. Once you get to know them, you may find it quite easy to cater to their wants, needs and desire. Thus, producing extra revenue for yourself and the merchants you are affiliated with.

    Now for the final tip to making sure no customer is left behind.

    This is a mistake many merchants make. Affiliates are far less likely to make this mistake, but can still have something to think about by reading it.

    I will give an example to help explain this huge mistake some make when trying to make sure they leave no customer behind.

    EXAMPLE: If asked, it is amazing how many flower, candy and stuffed animal merchants will tell you that during the Valentines Season, women are the main customers.

    In most cases, this is far from the truth. Most women don't send men flowers. Yet, Valentines is the biggest single flower selling time of year. Amazing. Who are buying all those flowers? Mostly men. They are buying them for women, but the actual customer is a man.

    Despite this known fact, some merchants continue to argue that the one receiving the gift is the customer. Merchants with that attitude often have lower conversion rates during the Valentines season.

    This same mistake is also made by many candy and stuffed animal merchants.

    Here is the best advice I can give you to see an increase in conversion.

    Around the middle of January, make your site more male friendly. Most men, including myself, don't like to shop. Even if that shopping is online. This is especially true for items like flowers, candy and stuffed animals. Now, for many men, shopping for computer equipment, sporting equipment and so forth, the shopping attitude is much different.

    However, we are talking about flowers, candy and stuffed animals. Many men are going to want to get in and out of the site as quick as possible. The easier you make their shopping experience; the better the conversion rate.

    The above advice is the opinion of the writer (Snowfinch) and are not those of this forum. In no way is there any guarantee expressed or implied by the writer that if this advice is put to use you will see an increase in conversion rates. These are simply opinions and the choice to take these opinions and apply them are entirely up to the merchants and affiliates who are brave enough to read this post and consider the opinions given.

    I had intended to continue this series on a nightly bases for those that are interested. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, I will be unable to continue posting this series. I apologize to those that may have been interested, but life is not always fair, nor are we. Therefore, I leave you with the advice I opened this post with.

    The motto of all merchants and affiliates that are interested in increasing conversion should be...


    Thank you for your time and I wish you all a Happy Halloween, a Happy Thanksgiving, a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years.
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    Great advice and example!

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    Excellent advice. Now to apply it to other sorts of merchants and merchandise.
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