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    The World Is Changing
    The world is changing. A new day is dawning.

    We can either lie in bed and watch the sun come up, hit the snooze button and roll back over and go to sleep.

    Or we can get out of bed, jump in the shower, have our coffee and danish and get to work embrassing the changes that are happening.

    I saw a post once that said something about the day use to be you threw a 468x60 banner on top of the page and went on with life, but that just doesn't work anymore. I can't remember who posted it, but they are correct.

    I never came into this forum to take it over. I saw Haiko was a man of vision and I assumed the members of the forum were, too. And I think most of you are.

    Ten years ago, there was no gay marriage. Ten years ago, the thought of having anyone other than a white male as President seemed impossible. Ten years ago, in many parts of this country, interracial marriage was looked down upon and ridiculed.

    Just look at the changes in the past five years. Gay marriage is a reality. We have a black President.

    Here is a quote from several sources on the internet "the fastest growing populations in the United States are biracial and multiethnic children".

    Do you realize, in the very near future, gays will be allowed to serve openly in the military? Do you realize our next President may be a woman?

    The world is changing. Yet, in many cases, we are suggesting newbies read post full of information, some of which is over 5 years old and simply doesn't apply anymore.

    I notice Haiko and several members like to use the word "contribute".

    CONTRIBUTE: Add your imput, your vision, your experience, your knowledge, your insight... Why?

    Because the world is changing. Do we really want to get left behind?

    I see banner after banner for merchants that I am affiliated with or that I go through on networks like CJ and you see the same thing over and over and over.

    White females and William Shatner.

    I am not saying all merchants. I have seen some awesome merchants that understand the world is changing and diversity thrives.

    If you combine the merchants I am affiliated with on several networks, I have only one banner available to me with a person of color on it. I am affiliated with nearly 100 merchants. Less than 10% of them offer banners with men on them.

    How do you think the other "potential" customers feel?

    Ignored. Forgotten. Like you don't want their business. Like you don't care about them.

    The world is changing. That change is happening before our eyes. And more changes are on the way.

    And you can't tell me I am wrong, until those "bad economic headlines" stop apprearing on the news. You can't tell me I don't know what I am talking about until those "merchant closing", "sales down", "conversion rate sucks" threads stop appearing in this forum.

    I did not come here to take over... I came here to CONTRIBUTE. To add my imput, my vision, my experience, my knowledge, my insight... into the ever changing world of affiliate marketing.

    No, I don't make much money as an affiliate. In fact, it took me 3 months to get my $50 on SAS this last time.

    That isn't because I don't listen to those "more experienced" than me, but because I can't find merchants willing to allow me to do it my way.

    And that way is to embrace the changes in the world, not run from them.

    The world is changing and that change will come no matter what any of us say or do.

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    Not very often we get some philosophy here
    I like it
    [URL=""]Affiliate Marketing Basics[/URL]

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    You know, I hadn't thought about the rapidly changing face of affiliate marketing in quite these terms before. I've always been in agreement with those who answer a lot of questions with "Use the search."

    Yes, using the search function can be VERY important. But, yes, as Snowfinch suggests in this post -- there's a heck of a lot of outdated information here, too.

    Obviously, some of the questions that get asked are easily answered with a search. But sometimes, those of us who've been here awhile maybe need to take a step back and look at some questions we thought were "answered" in a new light.

    Excellent post!
    Generate more fake news.

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    Thanks Niche and Writerguy!

    Hey Writerguy,

    That is an AWESOME idea. I never thought of that. Suggesting and/or reminding newbies to use the "search" for the lastest and most up-to-date information on the topics is a wonderful idea. (I would give you a smiley with a grin and thumbs up, but the smileys are working.)

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    Hmm, I never thought about banners in quite this way. It's true that usually when you see banners with people in them, you see women, usually white. It could be those are the stock images the merchant has on file, and usually the target is women (especially apparel sites, which seem to take over affiliate marketing sometimes). But I think you make a good point - some of my merchants run campaigns with guys in it if we're advertising men's clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. but otherwise women are default. I'll definitely think about this the next time I need to make a banner request to a merchant. We definitely want to appeal to a mass market to maximize sales, and you right that only showing one kind of demographic hurts that.

    Thanks for the insight!
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    There is this certain 'dental' aff program i used to promote. I recall they had tons of different banners to choose from. Older people and kids, different races, English & spanish language links, etc. Kind of rare to find that tho.

    I think this 'diversity advertising' angle is even more important in service industries... vs. buying a pair of pants, etc.

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    Thank you Stephanie for your comment. It is great to see those who are willing to listen and consider the idea of diversity in marketing being taken to the next level.

    Thanks you Simcat for your comment. You brought up a very good point that I failed to mention in my post: age diversity. Excellent point. With diversity in marketing, age diversity is a very important issue. As the population grows older and lives longer, this age diversity in marketing will become even more important. Again, excellent point and one I hope those who read this thread will consider along with the points mentioned in the original post.

    This is great. Those who have commented are adding more ideas and visions to the future of affiliate marketing in our ever changing world. I love it.

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    It is always nice to have someone have a phylosofical view over things, I agree, the world is changing !

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