I bet almost every moderator on ABW clicked through on that title

Just wanted to offer a friendly tip to those new to affiliate marketing...

Before you invest in any more products, ebooks, etc...

Write down on a list (5) things your interested in learning more about to help you grown in this business.

For example:

1. Keyword Research
2. SEO
3. Link building, back links, inbound links
4. PPC
5. PPC Strategies

Now go to Google Alerts: http://www.google.com/alerts

Set up "comprehensive" Alerts for the 5 subject areas *you want* to learn more about. It could be 5 sub-topic areas of one main topic.

While your on an educational roll... use Google Reader to sign up for reputable well known affiliate industry blogs (that are free of useless random chatter/clutter) and don't forget to grab the rss feed of your favorite ABW forums to add to your Reader while your at it.

Wa-lah. I guarantee your inbox will be flooded with more information than you have time to read -for FREE - and you'll create a mini reference library/affiliate news channel all within your Reader to stay fresh and productive.