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    What is a "Non qualified lead Sale" ? getting ready to remove that merchant
    I was just checking my SAS stats and noticed that 2 furniture sales for one merchant were voided and when I looked at the detail I see

    "VOIDED Non qualified lead Sale" placed by both.

    Could someone explain why i shouldn't just remove that merchant from my sites for voiding my commissions?

    no, they weren't purchases I made myself.

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    I would assume that the purchase(s) where probably made with a fraudulent credit card and the merchant had to do a chargeback or issue a refund thus voiding the commission/referral. I would assume that as the likelyhood of the reversal of your commission.

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    Merchants may fairly reverse commissions for fraudulent orders and orders which are cancelled or returned/refunded. (Some merchants sometimes choose not to reverse commissions for cancelled or returned orders, although they reserve the right to do so in the future.)

    Some merchants may also reverse transactions with the excuse that the commission should properly have been credited to another channel (e.g. another affiliate network or marketing effort).

    Contact the merchant, and find out what they claim their practices are.

    High reversal rates are common in some industries (shoe sales, for example), but relatively rare in others.

    Some merchants have used (or abused) this in ways that have led publishers to conclude that there is no reason to continue to carry the merchants' advertising. It's really just a math decision: if the merchant isn't paying you anything, you shouldn't be carrying their advertising.

    For example:

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