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    Thumbs up Forum Rules I learned On...

    I was researching Terminal Commands for DreamLinux and I happened to come across the forum rules.

    After reading it, I thought of some of the people here and my requests to keep it decent.....

    Quote Originally Posted by richs
    Trolling, flaming, petty insults, public slagging matches make you look a dick. It's your choice if you wish to partake, but be prepared to accept the consequences.
    Offensive posts will be removed/edited, and spam will be deleted.
    Surprisingly, I guess this guy stopped banning people for this crap.

    Anyway this is what I learned on, and I have personally dealt with this in the past.

    I think we all should try to keep it civil. Not all do.

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    I think we all should try to keep it civil. Not all do.
    I'm going to try harder.

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    I would hazard to guess that 99% of the bans on this forum are due to spam. Very few people get banned for other reasons. Some get warned. Some get temporary bans. But it rarely goes beyond that.

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