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    Starting from scratch-Need advice
    OK, this is the picture.
    You have a web site (Wordpress blog) You've paid for your hosting and am currently involved with a program called Trafficwave which gives to tools like auto-responders, banner campaigns, add tracking, FFA page etc... You want to use the tools offered in Trafficwave to assist you as you set up a site of your own to do some affiliate marketing. Here's the tricky part; you've never done any of this stuff before. You don't know how to build a web site, and your not even sure what you want to market. Up until now you have been trying to put together the stuff you think you'll need to get started. You have a FTP account, an editor connected your page. Now remember you don't know how to use all this stuff. You're kind of learning as you go. Here's your chance to really show what you know! If this was you, and you had this things to work with, where would you go from here? Are there programs/company's out there that will take a green rookie, hold them by the hand, and show them how to use these things to build a successful site? Or is it best to just keep asking questions on forums like this and try to put it all together yourself?
    I'm going to make this work one way or another. I am not pressed for time. Retired/disabled, I'm not going to starve or go homeless and, have more than enough time on my hands.

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    First advice, save all the money you can when you are learning the ropes. Money saved is money earned.

    If you are paying for TrafficWave, a monthly/yearly fee, then cancel the plan and keep the money.

    Don't waste any money on fancy tools when you are still learning. You can buy and know which tools you will need as you get more experienced.

    The only money you shd spend is on the web hosting. No ppc, no fancy tools, no ebooks.

    If you have time, read as much as you can here and also elsewhere. Google is your friend. Use it.. for free.. it won't mind.

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    If I was you, I'd start writing the blog first. Create an awesome blog that people will want to come back to. That is the first step. You have to keep writing at least a few times a content on a regular basis. Then worry about the other stuff. That is how I have started doing it. I use Wordpress also.

    Just my ideas.


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    Same position
    Hi there

    I am a total noob at affiliate marketing but I have been around the internet for years and have done everything from building computers and a small network to basic programming .

    You might want to check with your isp to see if they offer a personal value added web service. You could create a small personal website and design it from scratch . This would give you the opportunity to understand web publishing and how everything works from client/server scenarios This is what I am going to do .

    Cheers .

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