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Thread: Join The Speedo Affiliate Program!

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    Join The Speedo Affiliate Program!
    Did you know?

    Speedo is the world's best swim brand offering more than just products for elite swimmers.

    Now sold in over 170 countries, Speedo's product offering includes women's fashion and fitness swimwear, men's water shorts, kid's swimwear, lifestyle apparel, footwear and a comprehensive collection of aquatic and fitness accessories.

    What a great commission!

    15% of the total sale.

    * This program/ commission is available for new Speedo affiliate partners *

    Incentivized sites not allowed.

    Creative, Cookies & PPC Policy

    Extensive selections of text and banners ads are available. Only creative available in interface can be used.

    Cookie Length = 30 Days

    PPC Policy: Affiliates are not allowed to bid on Speedo, misspellings of the term or any variations of branded or trademarked terms. Please reference our program description for a full explanation of the PPC/ Search Marketing Policy.

    What’s next? Sign up for the Speedo Affiliate Program today! Please feel free to contact us with any questions:

    Greg Bennett / Account Manager/
    Amy Preis / Affiliate Development/
    Amy Preis
    Affiliate Development Team,

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    Hey, Amy. Great merchant! Will there be a datafeed in PopShops or GoldenCan? If so, I'm all over this one.
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    Hi Bill

    Thanks! Yes, this program does have a feed and it looks as though PopShops is getting this set up as we speak. I will be sure to reach out to confirm.

    Talk to you soon!
    Amy Preis
    Affiliate Development Team,

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    We'll need a contest for this.

    Show us a pic of you wearing your Speedos.

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