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    Join The Affiliate Program!
    Did you know? is America's number one people search on the web. Formerly, we bring you the same great program completed re-branded! Your audience will be able to find everyone from old friends, family members, classmates, and more all in one place. pulls from thousands of sources including Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Linkedin and Bebo and gives their userís the control to connect on their own terms with privacy controls and update alerts.

    What a great commission!

    A competitive payout of $1.46 per lead

    Incentive affiliates are not allowed. Only leads age 35+ will be paid on.

    Creative, Cookies & PPC Policy

    A variety of creatives are available for your site including text links and banners.

    Cookie Length = 1 Day

    PPC Policy: Bidding on the term, misspellings of those terms or any variation thereof is strictly forbidden. Please reference the program description for a full explanation of the PPC policy.

    Whatís next? Sign up for the Affiliate Program today!

    Please feel free to contact us with any questions:
    Gabe Goldstein / Account Manager/
    Amy Preis / Affiliate Development/
    Amy Preis
    Affiliate Development Team,

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    A 1 day cookie isn't very much is it. I bet affiliates lose a ton of commisions from people signing up after the 1 day cookie has expired.

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