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    I got this email:
    As of March 3, 2004, Kitchen Etc. will change its commission structure to 8.5% for all sales. Previously the commission was 10%. All other elements will remain the same.

    Why is the rate changing?

    Our high commission rate was based on the assumption that the traffic our affiliates were generating was independent of the traffic from other marketing vehicles. Careful analysis has shown this not to be true. Our affiliate traffic has been helped by other Kitchen Etc. marketing efforts. So, we must now carry part of that cost. In order to maintain our profitability, we have to recognize the impact that other marketing efforts have on our affiliate programs.

    We appreciate your contribution and want the program to continue to be successful for everyone. By adjusting our commission structure to recognize the cross-channel impact, we will ensure the ongoing success of the Kitchen Etc. affiliate program.

    As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly.

    Thank you,

    The Kitchen Etc. Affiliate Services Team


    So I did a simple check, I checked ebates and they are a member. I didn't check the rest of the parasites. But what I want to tell them. is

    Haven't you been paying attention??? Affiliates have been complaining about this for years now. Just drop ebates (and the rest of the parasites) and leave the commissions as they were. Or if you want the parasites, lower their commission rates only.

    Anyway, I want a deplomatic way of saying this, can you help me out. I would ask mike and charlie, but I don't want to use the words ad-whore in my email reply.


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    They convert pretty well for me in spite of ebates. The only things their program had going for it were the 10 percent commish and the huge product line. With 8.5 percent I'll be looking for products from other merchants.

    I was tempted to drop them a line. I'd like to know on what metrics they base their belief that their own marketing efforts have helped us affiliates promote their products. It doesn't make a lot of sense.

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