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    Starting with CPAs
    Alright... To be upfront with you, I'm becoming a LITTLE paranoid. I didn't get into CPA officially. I just picked up a few products here and there, went through them, etc. What I start to notice is that when one product says, "Do this" the other product says, "Never do that", so I have no clue what to believe lol

    The point I'm pretty much trying to make is
    How does CPA work in general?

    1. You get accepted in to CPA network
    2. You look at all the offers that are being offered
    3. You choose which offers you like
    4. You do keyword research to see if that offer can work
    5. You run the campaign (300 clicks) to see if its profitable
    6. If it is then... well we'll get to it when we cross that bridge (if we ever)

    But is that how the general CPA thing works?

    Like... pretty much my biggest concern is not loosing $50 - $100 on a campaign that wasn't good... because hey! let's face it.. it will happen (Every guru says that it will and does happen) but I don't want to loose a campaign because of some stupid mistake which every CPA person knows...

    So without telling you what programs I have, what programs can you recommend? or some books? Like something EXTREMELY basic that is just 'for idiots' kinda thing.

    Also in regards towards the "google slap"
    I heard that google hates direct links. So when you make a campaign, you really have around 48-72 hours before you get slapped and the thing goes up to $5/CPC. Also I forgot where but it says somewhere "on average how many clicks that keyword gets". And it differs but time to time I see "24 - 30 clicks/day"

    So if you have 3 days to run the campaign, and you get only 100 clicks in total.. and you need around 300 clicks to see if the campaign works.. how to you do it? (with out creating a landing page)

    Lol, as you can tell.. I'm a little paranoid. But I just don't want to make stupid mistakes where I could of avoided them if I did a bit more research

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    Hmm... Perhaps I've asked something wrong?

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    My advice to you is to just start taking action. Sign up for some CPA networks and than ask your affiliate manager for some advice for someone new and what they recommend you should promote.

    Take the thing you have learned in the things you have read and try them out. You are going to lose money, but don't think of it as losing money. Think of it as money spent on educating yourself about PPC marketing.

    I'm new like yourself and I've done my share of reading, but you will learn the most just going out and doing it. Embrace your mistakes, because that's where you are going to learn.

    Good Luck!

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    You aren't getting answers because you are confusing some things. You are talking about running a PPC campaign, not a CPA campaign. It sounds like you are trying to run direct to merchant PPC using CPA offers (lead gen).
    Deborah Carney

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    PPC to CPA offers is in danger as more search engines ban these type of campaigns.

    Spend your time building quality sites and go for long-term growth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OICUAM2
    PPC to CPA offers is in danger as more search engines ban these type of campaigns.

    Spend your time building quality sites and go for long-term growth.
    Search engines have never banned direct linking to CPA offers. If you're running shady rebill offers (acai, google biz opp), an engine might ban those, but there is plenty in the CPA world that is not Acai or Biz Opp. Everything from legit diet offers, insurance quotes, real estate/foreclosure sites, satellite tv, dating, credit report, id theft protection, auto clubs, ink cartridges, business cards, resume postings, education leads, as-seen-on-tv offers, and mortgage leads (well, not so much in the current economy) exist in the CPA world, as well as in traditional networks like CJ or ShareASale. I know the "CPA network" model gets stereotyped as dealing with certain lead/free trial offers, but I personally don't always go with the current hot offers (though I probably give up some easy money there), and I look for long term opportunities. My campaigns are both direct-linking and non-direct linking, CPA and traditional network, and nothing gets killed by the engines for any reason. I'm sure Debbie could go into a lot of detail about what offers work best where, and what advantages/disadvantages exist for traditional vs. CPA networks since she's been an AM for both traditional and CPA offers, but that's probably a bit off topic (but she is a great resource for the forum).

    TryingThingsOut - You have to spend money to make money. I used to be the kind of person who was afraid of losing $100 testing an offer, but usually that doesn't allow enough traffic/conversions to be statistically significant. If you constantly get your campaigns slapped before you have a good amount of clicks, you're either linking to the wrong offers for the keywords, or building a landing page that Google sees as bein "thin".

    Google doesn't hate direct links - frankly, most major campaigns are "direct links". The only issues you'll run in to on direct linking involve other affiliates bidding with the same domain name (so only the highest bidder will show), not having a convincing page to get visitors to buy, or a page that Google thinks are irrelevant.

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    I will tell you know you need to make sure the cpa network you "work" for is a A+ network don't just randomly fill applications and hope for the best best thing is to ask which networks are A+ and ask it here because I do believe that people here would know which ones are reputable, lots of new ones opening their online doors quickly.
    Here are ones I know are crummy......
    revtwt they now do cpa offers as well as providing twitter with tons of spam.
    I attract success and abundance into my life because that is who I am.

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