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    Getting frustrated, has anyone ever banned a country from their site?
    Part rant, part question...

    On one of my niche sites, I specialize in identifying certain items. Since the launch. users from a VERY well-known (user-submitted content) site keep republishing my original info, with no credit. Their site actually has a box where you enter a backlink - they NEVER credit my site.

    The timing is impeccable.. less than 24hrs after my post, theirs will appear. Over time, I disabled right-click, copy/paste (popup appears with copyright when they try!) - implemented all the proper tech controls.

    Through my own stats (which I'm obsessed with anyway), I narrowed down which users of theirs were stealing my content, and started to ban IP addresses. They found a way in through a proxy server, but I kept banning ranges of IP addresses. Today I banned the entire ISP.

    I have no legal recourse for this, as the big site hides behind the disclaimer of "it's not us, it's our users".

    That was the rant.. now the question... do many of you actively IP-ban visitors that cause trouble?

    While I have banned the ISP, I'm thinking the next step is to ban the country - it's small, not my target demographic, and probly not even eligible to buy from my best merchants.

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    >>do many of you actively IP-ban visitors that cause trouble?

    You can't imagine how many spammers are banned from ABW on a weekly basis.
    You never see the spam because it gets zapped in minuets.

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    Yes I ban (Redirect to an error page) blocks of IP's on some of my sites

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    Yes we have many filters and they still have ways around it ... we do most our blocking at the firewall, but you have to understand the nature of your beast -- it's not accessing, it's the theft of the content. You'll never be able to effectively stop the public surfing and theft of your content by blocking an IP or a country - they'll go through a proxy. However, an effective alternative, and wise even would be to ask merchants for exclusive coupons. This way they can copy all day long - it's free work for you.
    Continued Success,

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    We have about 10 countries that we have banned. I even had a post on ABW about 8 months ago or so asking the same question with plenty of responses.
    Danny W Bonin Jr
    Bonin Group, Inc.

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    Ironically, I just asked tech support at my host if there was a quick and easy way to do this. I got fed up with the spam and junk from .ru and .pl domains. Turns out, there is!

    (Sorry if this has been posted before! )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Haiko de Poel, Jr.
    However, an effective alternative, and wise even would be to ask merchants for exclusive coupons. This way they can copy all day long - it's free work for you.
    That's what I've always assumed an "exclusive coupon" would do. But after reading Loxly's post to my question on the other thread, "exclusive coupons" are not exclusive either...

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