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    Ben The AIM Group
    NFL Fantasy Pools | NFL General
    First I'd like to start off by asking if anyone is involved in any solid NFL fantasy pools? I'm in one with some friends with CBS, but does anyone in ABW like to start them up that I should be speaking with?

    Also, Everyone excited for another year of NFL football? Even though it will be sans John Madden

    I love how the 9ers switched back to their winning uniforms of the 90's! They look deadly!

    Let's start off some NFL chat! Looking forward to hearing from you!

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    Manager - Affiliate Marketing Patrick Vesperman's Avatar
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    I'd be interested in hearing opinions on the NFC north. With the wild card being the Vikes, the north may not be the old black and blue any more. The passing game of all 4 teams could be the best in the league.

    How do you all see this division stacking up?
    My picks:
    If Favre plays:

    If Favre Does NOT play:

    not really sure what to expect from da bears. One great QB can be a wash if there is no one to pass to.

    **sorry Ben, I could care less about the 9ers

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    Funny, I'd have the Vikings on top without The King of Interceptions and no better than second, probably third, with him.

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    Ben The AIM Group
    I see the pack being a force this year. Grant, Rodgers, and a sold D. Don't over look them.

    Vikes are better off without Favre anyways, I agree with AffiliateHound

    Bears, Cutler! They are going to be great with him too! Good Division!

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