I'm setting up a website where I want to list upcoming live music events. I want to be able to sell tickets for these events, but not by sourcing the event information (artist/venue/date etc) from the ticket affiliate itself.

For example, I take all the event information from Source A, because from here I can get a much better depth of information about this event. Then I can link the customer from my event listing to buy a ticket.

I will be listing many events and a lot of these won't be listed on ticket sellers lists (small events etc). So for a lot of events I won't be able to sell a ticket. But where available I'd like to offer the user a way to purchase tickets. I want my directory to be as big as possible, so that's why I don't want to list events that are only associated with ticket sellers.

But I'm hoping to align the two databases so that when my directory shows an event that is also associated with online ticket purchasing, I can benefit from the fact that the user may want to buy a ticket there and then.

Would this be possible and how would I go about finding a good comprehensive ticket service that I can affiliate with?